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JOY Child Development Center

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About JOY Child Development Center

The JOY centre’s philosophy is to provide a full learning environment for children of all ages and abilities, enabling them to develop as independent, responsible and educated young people. Learning starts from birth. The early years, 0-5, are the most important for neural development and what the child learns in this time will set the foundation for future learning. All children follow similar patterns of development and, for those that show signs of delay, it is all the more important to integrate the child into typical social situations as early as possible, to maximise learning opportunities. Early intervention is one of the core principles for the centre, as children of young age is in a critical stage for development.

Group classes

  • Maximum of 12 children, divided in two groups, supervised by 4 child development specialists
  • 3-hour sessions of structured and unstructured play which enables specialists to observe the child’s skills and create a Child Development Plan
  • Children can participate in morning or afternoon sessions (9.30am-12.30pm; 1.30pm-4.30pm)
  • Children will have the full use of the Active Learning rooms, White Room, Fine & Gross Motor Rooms
  • Children can participate for 1-4 weeks at a time, depending upon availability of places.
  • 1 weeks costs 100AZN. This does not include individual sessions.

Individual sessions

  • One-to-one session with senior child development specialist, maximum one hour
  • Session focuses on particular skill development, using one or combination of methods used by JOY Centre
  • Child will have access to all JOY Centre rooms, depending on the needs and activities planned
  • Parents are encouraged to participate in individual sessions
  • Individual sessions cost 20AZN each

Aids, appliances and psycho-social support

  • We can help the child with special chairs, wheelchairs, standing frames and other mobility aids.
  • We can visit the family home and advise families on how to better adapt the physical conditions for the child
  • We can refer the child/family to other, relevant services that the family might need
  • We can refer the family to a social worker or a lawyer who can help the family access social benefits