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Istanbul Cosmetic Clinic

Baku, Narimanov district, Koroghlu Rahimov street, 17 AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Istanbul Cosmetic Clinic

April 7, 2010 in Baku – Azerbaijan “Istanbul Aessthetic” plastic surgery clinic started functioning.Our goal being “Istanbul Aesthetic”, aesthetic plastic surgery clinic is to meet the criteria in the state and inter-state and to be an organization that desently represents our country.

Services of Istanbul Aessthetic

  • Plastic and aesthetic surgery-Jaw Aesthetics;Shin plastics;Eyelid aesthetics;Facial rejuvenation;Liposuction;Plastics of abdomen;Breast lifting and breast reduction;Breast augmentation;Lip Augmentation
  • Cosmetology-Laser epilation;Face care;Cryolift cryotherapy;Skin care;Chemical peeling
  • Laser-Treatment of varicosity with laser;Treatment of hemangioma with laser;Laser epilation;Laser rejuvenation;Correction of spots with laser;
  • Fractional laser
  • Hair cultivation-Hair transplantation
  • Laboratory-Coagulological examinations;Hematologic analysisBiochemical analysis;Hormonal examinations;Urologic analysis;