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Research Production Enterprise Iglim

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About Research Production Enterprise Iglim

Jan.1961 - setting up of Baku Pilot Plant of Climatic Constructions on the base of a Conditioner shop of Kishla Engineering Plant. First production – room air conditioners. 1961 - renamed into Baku Conditioners plant and subordinated to the Ministry of Aviation Industry of the former USSR. 1970 - renamed into Baku Engineering plant. Production: airdrome air conditioners, cylinder & spherical pressure cylinders for aircraft, hydro-accumulators, domestic air conditioners “Azerbaijan-4”.1974 - establishment on the base of Baku Engineering plant and its affiliates of Baku Aggregate Production Design Association (BAPDA).

Activities of Baku Pilot Plant of Climatic Constructions

1978 - renamed into Baku Aggregate Production Association (BAPA).1992 - by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Azerbaijan Republic was renamed into Baku Aircraft Production Association “IGLIM” (BAPA “IGLIM”).1993 - operation within the system of the State Committee for Special Engineering & Conversion of Azerbaijan Republic.Since 2006: under subordination of the Ministry of Defence Industry of Azerbaijan Republic as Research Production Enterprise “IGLIM”.ISO 9001-2001 Certificate is available

Development & production of aerodrome handling facilities for aircraft:

  • Airfield air-conditioners for aircraft & helicopters (cabin space: from 50 m ³ and 250 m³ to 500 m³)
  • cabin pressurization units
  • air conditioners for a flight team;
  • low- pressure compressors.

Production of airborne aeronautical engineering units:

  • moisture separators & dehydrators for aircraft’ air-conditioning systems (ACS);
  • heat-exchangers & fuel-oil radiators for hydraulic systems of planes & aeroengines
  • air-to-air radiators for ACS
  • Design & manufacture of high-end non-standard equipment
  • Manufacture of tools & tooling
  • Manufacture of consumer goods and commercial products