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About Intellekt Store

"INTELLEKT” world of stationery which began its work activity in 1995 serves worthily (for all one is worth) for the economical development of modern Azerbaijan Republic. The main principle of the activity of the establishment ensures institutions, organizations, state institutions, in the field of stationery goods simply provides the compensation of high quality products, with useful prices, for the requirements of computer equipments, in the modern world. We are reliable to our conception for the protection of our brand and the position at the market, leading the competition and achievement of the successes. The mounting of the various scale systems is at the basis of the company; from the sale of the clerk, office and computer accessories to the sale of the furniture and washing means. The evident of the high level of our service and the strength of the position at the market is the increasing amount of our cooperators. "INTELLEKT” world of stationery has presented its high quality goods to the great customer auditorium at the exhibition of "Media- Print” 2004. "INTELLEKT” is the exemplary company which has the wide opportunities and modern glance in the organization of the business. On the line of our cooperators The human resource of "INTELLEKT” submits the guarantee for the implementation of all the clients. We use the practice of our specialist in order to supply the requirements. You will have the reliable partner on our behalf; therefore we believe that our achievements depend on your satisfaction. Our company has made straight business, commercial relationship with such leader producer companies as "International paper” MANU, BESTAR, UNIBALL, PANASONIC, NOKI, CELLO, MAS, HP, CANON, MAPED, CASIO, CITIZEN, FLAMINGO, FIS, TABAC, ZARFSAN, LIZY ETC. These products are imported from UAE, TURKEY, GERMANY, RUSSIA, and UKRAINE. As a result of it our company carries out both wholesale and retail selling on Azerbaijani consumer market.