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Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry

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About Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry

Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry has been formed on the basis of soil science section of Azerbaijan subsidiary of former USSR in 1945.
There are 12 scientific laboratories: Genesis, geography and mapping of soils; Structure of soil cover; Soil agricultural ecology and evaluation; Soil mineralogy and chemistry; Biological researches of soil; Soil informatics; Soil physics; Soil recultivation; Soil melioration; Mineral fertilizers and microelements; Organic fertilizers and agrochemistry of closed ground; Laboratory of reversible soil processes ; Soil museum; Library; Map fund; Ujar support station.

The researches on the following problematic of soil science and agrochemistry

  • Soils genesis, the contemporary nomenclature, classification according to international standards; to work out theoretical basis of the antropogen influence on irrigated soils; soils degradation;
  • The scientific bases of soil process management;
  • To carry out State Soil Cadastre on scientific basis, regionalization of soils on the basis of ecological fertility models and a scientific analysis of soil reform carried out in the Republic;
  • The application of mineralogical structure, biological activity, humus situation of soils and agrochemical basis of fertility restoration;
  • The ecological problems of agrochemistry;
  • The composition of the bank of soils agrophysic al , optical and heat pecul i arities;
  • The creation of automatic information systems for the republic soils, the comparative analysis of the main indices of an agroecological system and composition of electronic lines of Azerbaijan soils;
  • The melior a tive character, salted degree of Republic soils and an investigation of connection between agricultural plants.

İnternational relations of the İnstitute

The Institute of Soil Science and Agrochemistry cooperates with the Russia Federation Soil Institute named after Dokuchayev over soil classification, soil information bank, electronic soil maps and also cooperates with the Georgia n Agricultural Academy over composing an Trans-Caucasus S oil M ap.The Institute in a separate years have fulfilled the NATO scientific grant project (EST.CLG 979450) together with the Chukuroba University (Adana-Turkey) and Agrarian Scientific Academy ( Georgia ).he research work has been carried out and positive results have been got over grant project of “Presentation and spreading of rational growing technology of vegetative plants in different soil-climate condition” in limit of competent Grants Programme of the project of “Development and crediting of agriculture