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Institute of Informational Technologies

Baku, Yasamal district, Bakhtiyar Vahabzade street, 9 AZ1141 *** 1 voted

About Institute of Informational Technologies

The Institute was founded in 1972 based on the Department of Automatized Control Systems of the Institute of Cybernetics of ANAS. Since 1982 DACS has been functioning individually. In 1997 Information-Telecommunication Scientific Centre was established based on DACS. On May 21, 2002 the Institute of Information Technology was established based on ITSC.

Human resources of the Institute

The Institute employs 250 researchers at the moment. Generally, high qualified specialists on all segments of IT are employed here. 3 academicians, 7 Doctors, 15 PhDs, 18 PhD students, 24 candidates for a degree and other researchers are working here.Recently the Institute ensured the following structures of the Republic with the specialists of various qualifications: BP, Azercell, Defense bodies, "RISK", "Intrans", “Azerin” BM, "SINAM IVEST", "ADANET", Azerbaijan State Economic University, University of Architecture and Construction, Management Academy, National Bank, Space, State Customs Committee, Ministry of Taxes, High Attestation Committee, UNESCO, OSCE Office in Kosovo, Commercial Banks, firms and so on.

Foremost scientific-technical achievements of the Institute

  • WAN-global networking technologies (X25, SNA, DECNET, TCP/IP and so on) have been investigated and real practical results have been achieved for the first time in Republic (x.25 networking between Moscow-Baku-Tbilisi).
  • LAN-local networking technologies (Alisa, Arcnet, Ethernet wire and wireless, intranet, etc) have been investigated for the first time and applied in different institutions of Azerbaijan.
  • Web technology was founded and site of ANAS was developed in 1995 for the first time.
  • Corporate networking was founded for the Presidium of ANAS as test for the first time.
  • E-signature technology was founded in corporate network of ANAS for the first time.
  • E-circulation system of documents was established and applied in corporate network of ANAS for the first time.
  • Intranet system has been established and is functioning at present covering all institutes and organizations of ANAS, their departments and laboratories for the first time.
  • Audio and video conferences are organized throughout the Republic for the first time via the Internet.