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Institute of Chemistry of Additives named after Academician A.M. Guliyev

Baku, Narimanov district, Boyukshor highway, 2062 AZ1029 *** 2 voted

About Institute of Chemistry of Additives named after Academician A.M. Guliyev

As the land of oil production, its industrial processing and production of lubricating oils on an industrial scale, Azerbaijan first in the former Soviet Union began to develop and manufacture additives to lubricating oil.The first domestic additives in the former USSR that improved the quality of lubricating oils were developed thanks to fruitful team work of specialized laboratory during many years established in 1945 in Azerbaijan Scientific Research Institute named after Kuibyshev, headed by academician A.M.Guliyev. For the first time this team carried out fundamental work that became the basis for creation of the industrial production of efficient domestic additives in the country.

Given the importance of the problem and the progress made according to the leading scientists' recommendation in 1965 on the basis of this laboratory consisting of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan for the first time in the country there was profiled the Institute of Chemistry of Additives (ICA).Academician A.M.Guliyev was a founder, organizer and permanent director of the Institute of Chemistry of Additives of ANAS till 1987. Since 1987 the Institute has been headed by one of the disciples of acad.A.M.Guliyev academician V.M.Farzaliyev.

Scientific directions

The main directions of the scientific investigations conducting at the Institute are:

  • investigation of theoretical questions of chemistry of additives - ­­action mechanism of additives, correlation between composition and efficiency of functional action, synergism and antagonism of additives, kinetics and mechanism of various organic reactions used for synthesis of additives:
  • synthesis of the new organic compounds and investigation of them as additives to lubricating oils, fuels, lubricants and other special liquids and inhibitors of corrosion of metals also;
  • investigation of functional properties of various types of additives and development of compositions of additives;
  • development of various types of lubricating and fuel compositions, lubricants and other special liquids on the base of newly synthesized additives;
  • development of technologies, modeling and optimization of processes of production of newly synthesized effective additives and corrosion inhibitors also.