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Baku, Yasamal district, Hasanbay Zardabi prospect, 593 AZ1000 *** 0 voted

About Inoksan

The company "Inokservis" was founded in 1996 and conducts successful activity in the market on industrial and commercial kitchen equipment for catering facilities - restaurants, cafes, hotels, shops, dry cleaning, laundry. The company has great potential for the complete equipment of high-tech equipment. Due to this advantage, the company "Inokservis" is an official distributor of the Turkish organization "Inoksan" since 1997. Along with the development of Azerbaijan's economy, the activity of the company is developing and its dealer network is expanding too. So, today the company is the official representative of such companies as "Hisar", "Desmon", "Kronus", "Porland", "Gokcelik", "Kutahya" in Azerbaijan. The chosen management strategy impacts well on the promotion of the company. This strategy allows you to quickly and professionally develop the order of the operations, including design, interior design, construction, training for employees. The company "Inokservis" embodies the high level of service and professionalism, as a result of qualified training of their personnel. Our activities comply with all the provisions of the standard ISO 2001. The professionalism of the company staff trained by the specialists of the production of equipment contributes to greater success in work. Successful participation in the creation of projects on outfitting hotels, restaurants, recreation areas has a result of their long - standing practice. A network of shops and exhibition facilities is operated in Baku, covering an area of 1500 sq. m. "Inokservis" is one of Azerbaijan companies, actively developing its cooperation and partnership not only with the local, but also with foreign companies. The UAE representative of "Inoksan" was opened in 2007. Its activities cover the field of sales of kitchen equipment for professional use. The area occupied by representation, is 240 sq.m. Due to its marketing strategy, the company has successfully been introduced in the markets of the Middle East. Constant dynamic development further strengthens the company's position in the market of Azerbaijan and promotes the formation of an absolute leader in the region in their field of business. Quality of the products is fully consistent with ISO 9001. The company's product range includes not only kitchen equipment for professional use, but also portion of dishes of world famous brands PORLAND, Kutahya Porselen, HISAR. The basic principle of "Inoksan" is a high-quality service. The company offers its customers a complete package of services to supply equipment shops, cafes, bars, restaurants, the development of design projects of commercial and office space, equipment installation "turnkey". Purchased products include warranty and are accompanied by a full maintenance.