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Innovations Center

Baku, Nasimi district, Akademik Hasan Aliyev street, 36 AZ1078 *** 2 voted

About Innovations Center

The Innovations Center has been established to enable social innovation in Azerbaijan, and to work closely with state authorities, academia and international business community in order to introduce innovative solutions within the public services and beyond.The Innovations Center provides technical support, developing and introducing new solutions that contribute to increasing efficiency and quality of public services at the ASAN Centers around the country. We also work with other public institutions in Azerbaijan providing innovative solutions within the sphere of information technology and public service. We believe that Azerbaijan has a lot of potential in running successful public private partnerships and the Center is open to developing new models of cooperation that can bring innovative solutions to the country. The Innovations Center is making every effort in bringing the state and the businesses closer to each other in order to establish better public services and improve life of citizens. The Innovations Center is a government owned entity and reports to State Agency for Public Service and Social Innovations under President of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Trainings and Courses in Innovations Centre

Innovations Centre is also running Training Department that offers number of courses directed at developing soft skills and increasing quality of services and customer facing skills. Specially crafted training programmes proved to be successful during the establishment of ASAN Centres, which made a paradigm shift in public services in Azerbaijan. Now the objective is to make these trainings available to other government institutions in order to help them to raise quality of public services as well.

Currently, training courses cover the following programmes: train the trainer programmes; compliance with workplace ethics and behaviour standards; stress management; conflict resolution; communication skills etc. We consult organisations and offer number of tests that help us to establish psychological map of organisation. Basing our analysis on test results we make recommendations on relevant training needs that will make organisation operate more robust and efficient.

Individual Mobile Services in Innovations Centre

As one of the new initiatives that have been pushed forward by the Innovations Center is organization of ASAN Individual Mobile Services. We provide certain public services to businesses and individuals at their addresses. This service is targeted at those who do not have time or ability to come to the ASAN centers. Currently, we offer the following services: issuance of IDs, passports, state registration of civil status (which includes birth and marriage certificates etc.). Soon ASAN Individual Mobile Services will offer full scope of services that are currently available at ASAN Centers.

This initiative has a strong social perspective as ASAN Individual Mobile Services are offered free of charge to people with disabilities. For more information please call 9108 or email on

IT Services in Innovations Centre

Given the fact that innovations in the 21st century are one way or another linked to IT industry, our aim is to manage challenging and advanced projects for the state institutions and public private partnerships.Currently, our IT department provides full support to ASAN Centres around Azerbaijan, and also developing new solutions and ideas that lead to further improvement of services to the citizens. We also provide full support to ASAN mobile services, which includes two high tech busses that travel the country and provide public services to citizens where ASAN Centres are not present. In Baku area, we manage individual ASAN services that are provided at home or at work. We work closely with other state institutions in order to find new opportunities for improvement of public services and deliver new innovative solutions that will lead to efficiencies for the government and improving life of citizens in Azerbaijan.