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About Infocard

System of distribution of free of charge advertisements on business cards and postcards Compact and long-term advertising Infocard is a company that deals with compiling, distribution of postcards and business cards containing advertisements. Company stands are set up in the busiest places of the city – entertainment, health, business centres, and other spots. Each spot is visited by a great number of customers mostly active and well-off. As the stands are placed in the most popular public places of the city, every customer can take a card with the information about goods or types of service at the entrance or exit. The great advantage of this way of advertising is that a postcard is a pleasant type of advertisement. It is the kind of ad which a customer himself / herself chooses to taste. It is pleasant to touch. You can keep it or give away to a friend, hang it on the wall, even post it. infocar1 is always an intelligent and positively charged type of advertisements. Exclusive and colorful design will catch everybody’s eye. It will attract even those who has not been interested in a commodity or service so far.

Infocard Extra services:

  • Design
  • Printing Inforcard agents can suggest nonstandard design solutions to make ads more effective. They encourage customers’ proposals on drawing up and distribution of cards.

Infocard suggests the following advantages to the establishments working with us:

  • Gifts to the customers at the expense of the company (as postcards)
  • Benefits from the introduced ads
  • Up to 10% discounts on allocation of ads on our stands
  • To offer customers a brand new type of service free of charge
  • To be on the list of elite establishments advertised by our agents free of charge. infocar1 suggests advanced and one of the most effective ways of delivering the information to the potential customers and consumers, as it functions on personal level of every customer.

We are eager to have a long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.