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Imishli District Court

Sevil Qaziyeva street, Imishli, 12 AZ3000 *** 0 voted

About Imishli District Court

Imishli District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Imishli district as a court of first instance.The history of Imishli District Court coincides with the year 1938, as I mishli district was established on 08 August 1930 with its administrative center being Garadonlu village and it was named for the first time Garadonlu district.The name of Garadonlu district was changed on 08 August 1938 to Imishli district. The name of Imishli District Court was until 08 August 1938 Garadonlu People’s Court. It was called from 08 August 1938 Imishli District Peoples Court and I mişli District Court began to function from 08 August 1938 under the name I mishli District Peoples Court.