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Iki Ulduz

Baku, Bakıkhanov settlement, Sabunchu district, Bashir Bunyatov street, 11 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Iki Ulduz

The company’s history goes back to 2002.Then it was a small plant with low capacity producing margarines. The company has grown, has increased the number of employees, and expanded the range of products and services. In 2004, the company signed a contract with the Russian Holding to supply raw materials and ingredients in the CIS countries. It became possible to supply raw materials and ingredients not only for the company’s own needs, but also for various food companies. The number of permanent customers at that time was 59 companies. In 2005 the company opened two shops producing marmalade and drops. The company has created a special expedition group for the retail selling of products. In 2006 the plant opened a shop for production of various types of chocolate glaze. At that time the company formed an export-import department dealing in search of raw material suppliers and ingredients to the international market. Them there were over than 350 shops, and the number of service companies, for which supply raw materials were supplied was over 100. In March the company signed a contract with the Chinese company "Geely International Corporation" producing cars and became an official distributor in the region. In August 2006 a car shop specializing in selling «Geely» cars was opened. In 2007 a factory producing various kinds of confectionery with a total capacity of 20 tons per day was opened. In 2008 the company expanded the retail network for finished products in Azerbaijan’s regions. It had dealers in 20 regions. Currently the company is working with 1500 shops and has 35 dealers in different regions of Azerbaijan selling finished products. The company «Iki Ulduz» is dynamically growing company constantly increasing the range of products, improving technologies and methods of customer’s service, initiating principally new projects, and expanding a range of services. The company organizes business conferences and consultative seminars in the sphere of application raw materials and ingredients in the food industry. The success of the company is due to its employees: professionals with experience in solving problems of any complexity and guaranteeing high quality services. The company works fruitfully in an atmosphere of mutual understanding and respect. The company offers many opportunities for professional growth, what is confirmed in practice: some employees started as assistants few years, and now they are managers and consultants.