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Horev Medical Center

Baku, Narimanov district, Teymur Aliyev street, 11/45. АZ1000 *** 6 voted

About Horev Medical Center

The Medical Center Horev is the leading medical facility in the North of Israel. The departments of the hospital are headed by the most renowned Israeli physicians. Such world level authorities as the internist Prof. Koen, the hematologist Prof. Row, the cardiologist Prof. Lewis, the neurosurgeon Prof. Gilbert, and the otolaryngologist Prof. Greenberg, are available to our patients.The Horev facility incorporates 53 clinical departments. These include the departments of cardiology and coronary angiography, infertility, ophthalmology, endocrinology, neuroradiology, and many others. The departments are operated by professionals of virtually all existing medical specializations and utilize the most advanced medical equipment and technology.

Services the Medical Center Horev

  • Provision of advanced medical services to the whole population of the North regions of Israel
  • From 4000 to 6000 surgical operations every month
  • All kinds of medical services including therapy, surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, psychiatry, and oncology.
  • “The best hands” of Israeli medicine – more than 350 professors of medicine coming from 67 clinical and research facilities.
  • 280 physiotherapists, certified nurses, medical biologists, and technicians.
  • FDG A dedicated department of diagnostics containing the great variety of equipment for laboratory, x-ray, and isotope-based testing (e.g. PET, FDG).

The history of the faculty

  • The faculty was established in 1986
  • Embraced experts coming from 15 state hospitals
  • From a simple blood testing to the operations on the open heart
  • The first international qualification course for physicians in Israel