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About Homag Gus GmbH

Homag – is a German group of companies operating since the 70s. At that time, the activity of company covered the countries of the USSR, and after the dissolution of the Union, and up today it covers the CIS countries. Over several decades of compani’s operation, more than a hundred ranges of machines and lines have been created for furniture and woodworking industries, enterprises and complete plant. Thanks to the reliability and high quality, the greater portion of the equipment is still in operation. Group activity is the production of equipment, many of which have no analogues in the world, for different sectors of industry: furniture, woodworking, housebuilding skeleton wooden panels. There are the followings among the manufactured equipment as Brandt and Homag designed for edge banding, Holzma - cutting boards, Friz - membrane presses, equipment for cladding formation with lamination, Weeke and Homag - machining centers, Bargstedt and Ligmatech - handling system of blanks, Weeke - drilling and insertion equipment, Ligmatech - equipment packed in cardboard products, press corps, Bargstedt - loaded and unloaded production lines through automated systems, Homag – gang saws, Buetfering – wide belt sending machine, Homag and Torwegge - equipment for window and door production, production of boxes of doors, flooring and stairs, Weinmann - machines for the production of details of frame - panel wooden houses.