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Heydar Aliyev Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory

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About Heydar Aliyev Baku Deep Water Jacket Factory

Baku Deep Substraction Factory named for Heydar Aliyev is a structure of the SOCAR. The fundamental Basis of the factory was founded in 1978, nevertheless it has been comissioned after 6 years – 1984. BDSF– is a massive enterprise depending on the area of several square kilometers in the territory of Azerbaijan. The activity of this enterprise consists of ground works’ production which has been installed on the deepness of 200 meters. The volume of production of the BDSF is consist in well-under 60000 tons of metal constraction in a year that, It also included a variety of orders, depending on the depth of the sea, allows in order to prepare a few props blocks for the bases of the deep water.

Activities of Baku Deep Substraction Factory

The factory was installed its first immovable offshore platforms in 1985. These platforms are still used in the “Guneshli” oil fields. During all its activity, the BDSF has prepared 12 different types of offshore platforms that these platforms have been taken into consideration for the the depth of 178 meters above the sea. According to a contract signed with BP, the plant has produced designed for mounting tubes in the waters of the North Sea. “The contract of the century” signed on 20 September, 1994 has positively affected to the development of the oil sector of Azerbaijan. New oil projects have started to be implemented which make it profitable for the local economy in the Azerbaijani sector for the Caspian Sea.

Products of Baku Deep Substraction Factory

Heydar Aliyev Baku Deep Water Jackets Plant is designed to fabricate deepwater jackets for the development of oil and gas fields.The plant designs, prepares, installs, launches, and transports the jackets to their destinations, deploys them, attaches their supports, and puts them in service.Metal structures for building purposes (frames (trusses), columns, crane beams, collar beams, column connectors, bunkers, bridge structures, I-beams and box girders of any size, and silos), fixed offshore platforms for depths of up to 200 m, tanks with a capacity of up to 105 thousand m3, containers of any volume, oil and gas separators rated for pressures of 100 atm, Type 7018 and 6013 welding electrodes, and metal pipe 500–4500 mm in diameter with wall thicknesses of up to 90 mm are manufactured at the Plant.

The Plant uses caterpillar and overhead cranes with weight capacities of 650 tons and 90 tons respectively, rolling mills for bending metal plates up to 90 mm thick, automatic and semiautomatic welding lines for submerged arc welding, manual arc welding, shot blasting chambers, sandblasters, ultrasound and magnetic powder flaw detectors, and thermal cutting lines.