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Hed Academy

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About Hed Academy

HED Academy is supplying training and consulting services on Health, Safety and Environment subjects since 1991 and particularly in Road Driving Safety since 1999.HED is rendering services by Moderators and Trainers certificated from associations who has credential on Road Safety Driver Training Programs.

HED was founded as C&E in Germany in 1991. At the beginning he focused on international carriage of dangerous goods on European Roads including Turkey and then a break through by improving his structure and staff in direction of Road Safety.Today, by using all his experiences and knowledge acquired in the past HED is continuing to offer services to many companies and public enterprises in our country and in various neighbour and remote countries such as Germany, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Cyprus and Romania under the subjects of which finds its expression as Safety Culture in Transportation and Driving Safety in general.

Our Area of Activity

HED Academy responds to the road safety demands from all kind of commercial and public enterprises providing own or rented vehicles to the personnel including contractors so as to use at work or in private life and who desires to protect employees, society, other road users or natural environment and own assets against traffic risks.All kind of commercial associations, schools, nongovernmental organizations are also included in this scope that do not operate vehicle but have members as of other road users or passengers who must be aware of safety in traffic.

Our Functional Structure


  • provides various training packages to give customers improvement in safe driving,
  • provides drivers behaviour based safety habits,
  • builds a robust cultural change in driving attitudes,
  • serves participants by high quality and effective training solutions to enable their achievement of no accident goal,
  • support customers' safety missions, and provide assistance in protecting their life.


  • provides customers with timely, independent reviews, analysis, audits, and investigations of critical areas and operations, in a professional, objective manner,
  • discusses the case with clients in detail to improve the quality of the service,
  • provides frequent contact with clients to conduct a non-stop consulting until program ends,
  • bases his offers on the experiences and implementations of international standards of the industry where the client take place,
  • assists companies or individuals with optionally long-term consulting or punctual interventions in supporting their development or bringing answers to their needs.


  • arranges safety driving engagements with customers, such as a competition for the best driver of the year or of the firm; which intends to expose the drivers to safety driving styles, and promote safe-behaved and skilled drivers,
  • organizes the assignment of tasks, the grouping of tasks into sections and allocation of human and equipment resources in transportation,
  • provides details and data about the specific challenges (e.g. shift working hours schedule), detailed descriptions of the specific actions (e.g. job descriptions), and information about the measurable markers of progress (e.g. KPI-key performance indicators) that will be assessed during transport implementations,
  • arranges various safe driving oriented simulation applications for customers to provide participant awareness