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Baku, Nasimi district, Safarliyeva Kavkap street, 6 AZ1000 *** 4 voted

About Green Car

GreenCar” - electric vehicles sales center, gives opportunity to get acquainted with and purchase environment-friendly vehicles. One of the main goals of this ecologically innovative large-scale project implemented across the country by GreenCar LLC with the support of Azerbaijan Automobile Federation and IDEA (International Dialogue for Environmental Action) is to bring the latest technological innovations to Azerbaijan. Electric vehicles presented in the sales center support the idea of protecting the environment with innovative methods, supporting the minimization of vehicle emissions. “Green Car” presents electric vehicles – electric cars, electric buses, electric motorcycles, electric bicycles – produced in different countries. Here the visitors receive information about advantages of electric vehicles in terms of environmental protection and technological innovations applied to these vehicles. In addition, the center provides sales and technical service of the cars.The project is aimed at protecting the environment, preventing negative impacts on the environment and improving the ecology by supporting ecological projects, carried out for people to live in a healthy natural environment.