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About Golden Rose Ganja

Since 1983 Erkul Cosmetics is one of the leading companies in the cosmetic sector with its high-quality products and reasonable price policy. By its modern approach in management, professional staff, R&D investments and use of the latest technology it’s continually growing in a dynamic way.Under the brand names Golden Rose, Classics and Miss Selene, Erkul Cosmetics successfully presents its consumers various cosmetic products such as nail polish, lipstick, powder, blush, mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and perfume. Most of the Erkul Cosmetics products are exported to approximately 77 countries.

Activities of Erkul Cosmetics

Our firm pursues innovations in the cosmetic sector and implements them immediately. As a brand name Erkul Cosmetics, with its increasing trading capacity, has a worldwide reputation in colour make-up production and its products are used by women all around the world with a high approval rate. Erkul Cosmetics products are sold in Turkey at more than 900 sales points such as perfumeries, pharmacies and market chains, and also at Golden Shop stores and corner-shops located in exclusive shopping malls.

Erkul Cosmetics is highly aware that the cosmetics products are directly linked to human health. Therefore it gives the utmost importance to hygiene during continuous scientific tests and analyses held in its laboratories at the R&D and production stages.The R&D studies, quality control and microbiological tests are conducted in modernly equipped laboratories by experts and an experienced staff with quality control systems used worldwide. Projects are realised in R&D studies which conducted under the control of Italian and French consultants. Taking into careful consideration the demands and expectations of the consumer and observing the developments in the cosmetics sector.

Production of Erkul Cosmetics

High quality raw material used in the production is imported from the European countries and the United States and production is completed in Istanbul, in our modern factory established on a 36.000 m2 area and equipped with full automation techniques.Using the latest technology, manufacturing is made with modern production and filling machines according to high hygienic standards and with great care and sensitivity. The plastic packages, containers, tubes, covers and applicators are produced in a packaging factory established in the vicinity of the production factory on a 12.000 m2 area. Their model drawing, moulding and manufacturing is also made within this factory.After being designed, packaged, labelled and packed in our integrated factories established on a 50.000 m2 area. Erkul Cosmetic’s products start their journey make in Turkish women and women all around the world more beautiful and elegant.Join Erkul Cosmetic’s on the road to beauty and see the beauty in life….