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About Glassi

Glass as a unique material is very interesting for architecture and design. Since ancient times, mosaics made of glass have adorned synagogues, Catholic churches, temples, mosques, oriental and western palaces and castles. This method has been also used in the Palace of Sheki Khans built in XVIII century in Azerbaijan. Unfortunately we do not the name of the creator. But even nowadays glass decorates castles, palaces, synagogues, Churches, Mosques, governmental buildings etc. Another way to create works of art of glass is achieved by heating to high temperatures in special furnaces.

About the glass

Artists and master craftsmen use different materials and methods for the creation of their works. For the first time a unique method was used in this sphere – a composition made of pieces of coloured glass (1-3 mm) was assembled on a transparent base.The complexity of this work is in the need of jeweller’s precision from the craftsman. Nowadays, artists and master craftsmen use different materials and methods for the creation of their works.Using tweezers and involving new methods and technologies he is expected to impose small glass fragments on the transparent base consistently and according to a predetermined pattern, while taking precaution not to damage it.

In terms of safety glass is a unique material that does not corrode, rot, burn and does not lose its original appearance. That is why the works made of glass will attract attention and please the eye for many centuries. The uniqueness of our products, paintings, glass composition is in its exclusivity. It can be kept indoors, in open spaces under any climatic conditions and at the same time it will remain the original version.
Our products - it is exclusive, handmade. This is a new direction in art. You will never find the second kind of piece of art you ordered from us. Beside the paintings, works of art, our products can be used in various fields – in interior and exterior design, furniture and construction industry, and so on.

Activities of the company Glass

For these purposes, in March 2014the company «Glassi» was founded. The creators of the company «Glassi» walked toward this goal since 2008. Man's best friend is still happiness, not diamonds, even the most precious. Our work - is the spirit of happiness, positive energy and a sense of good humor. Our work - is happiness that is pleasing to the eye, it's romantic. Our products - are luxury.A look at our works of art (paintings) brings peace and composure, charging with its positive energy. All this gives an unforgettable positive emotion prolonging the life of any person.