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Glass Construction Gutgashenli st.

Baku, Yasamal district, Ismayıl Gutgashınlı street, 30 AZ1073 *** 1 voted

About Glass Construction Gutgashenli st.

“Glass Construction Ltd” is carrying out its activities since 2007 in the Azerbaijan local market, offering the all types of modern glass and glass systems. As today`s necessity , in the basis of global technology development and increasing demands of consumers, "Glass Construction" brought the modern and comfortable "Cambalkon" systems to the use of its valuable customers in contrast to the old traditional glassed-porch. Expanding its activities, in the basis of trust and confidence from its customers,with "cambalkon" systems and some other glass systems matching the individual demands the company realized new activities due to its main business and at the same time it was very successful. Gradually, different types of cambalkon systems (), various office partitions, glass facade works,glass railings, glass doors (), PVC sliding systems, PVC flooring, aluminium windows, heat-insulated window systems, bath cabins, different ceiling systems, tent systems and others included into the list of products and services offering to the consumers by "G.C." in the local construction market. "Glass Construction" was very successful in all realized projects, Due to the right strategy and the steps counted for the future and with professional personnel and these achievements played the main role in the development of the company. Today, including several global brands into its brand portfolio, "G.C." implements latest technological innovations in the local market. The world famous brands such as Deceuninck (Belgium), Mottura, Zanzar (Italy), Solarlux (Germany) can be attributed. Possessing own dealer network and showrooms in the 75 countries of the world and matching all ecological standards world famous brand Deceuninck n.v. from Belgium and GC signed distributorship agreement in 2014. In this respect, 2014, can be considered very successful year for our company. İn this year, besides deceuninck brand, was signed the contract with Mottura Spa- the innovative producer of curtain systems and jalousie. At the begining of 2015, "G.C." opened its innovative 350m2 showroom for Deceuninck, Mottura and luxury alu wood windows in Baku, staying true to its traditions. Our main goal is firstly to appropriate the products and services, created using the opportunities of latest technological development and then to bring them to our local market.