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Gilan Pacific Construction

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About Gilan Pacific Construction

GILAN-TN Construction Materials, operating in Azerbaijan as Pacific Construction, produces a range of construction materials and chemicals for the domestic and export markets. Incorporating numerous Gilan companies, Pacific Construction has established numerous partnerships designed to secure the development of international business co-operation for Azerbaijani companies.

Pacific Construction operates primarily in the following areas:

  • Construction chemicals and paint production
  • XPS Insulation Board production
  • Gilan Sandwich Panel production
  • Gilan Gypsum production
  • Gilan Calcite production Construction of the main Pacific
  • Construction complex commenced in 2007, and since that time the facility has grown to incorporate numerous industrial projects.

Construction chemicals and paint production

The construction chemicals and paint production unit was opened in 2009 and is situated on a 3000m² site equipped with specialist equipment sourced from Germany and Turkey. The construction chemicals and paint production unit consists of three departments:

Powder production field

The powder production field manufactures cementitious construction chemicals, including: tile adhesives (sebond, paraflex); insulation materials (izolir 901, 902, UV); joint fillers (Ardol flexar); concrete supplements (paskret st100 tx, F, T); and concrete thickeners (arcon)
The facility features two production lines; two packing/wrapping machines (1kg and 5kg joint filler production range); 80 tonne raw materials bunker; high-pressure loaders; dehumidifier; and a 27m-high steel silo. Total powder production is 30,000 tonnes per annum.

Concrete admixtures and finishing products

The concrete admixtures plant produces B-Component (liquid) concrete admixtures; PVA-based insulating materials; in addition to freeze-thaw admixtures (Melkret 800, 200 K, Lubrand Antifreeze) and retarder admixtures (Melkret 500, 200). The facility produces 11,000 tonnes of plasticisers, super-placticisers, accelerators and other polymer-based concrete admixtures yearly. The products are marketed to construction companies and concrete producers, enabling the optimisation of concrete mix design and enhancing concrete aesthetics.

Paint production facility

The paint production facility produces water-based emulsion paints, including the production for Marshall paints (under license from the international company, AZKO-NOBEL). Importing raw materials from countries including Turkey, Iran, China and Russia, the facility produces 4,500 tonnes of paint annually.

Pacific xps insulation

Pacific XPS Insulation manufactures XPS (expanded polystyrene) panels at a purpose-built 1,500m² production plant. The panels are designed to enhance building envelope thermal efficiency, and have been proven to reduce heating costs by 45–50 per cent. The plant produces 30,000m³ of panels per annum.