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Gilan Holding

Baku, Sabail district, Zarifa Aliyeva street, 38 AZ1010 *** 4 voted

About Gilan Holding

Gilan Holding has been investing in large-scale projects in Azerbaijan since 1992. The company has long recognised the importance of optimising the diversification of Azerbaijan's economy to ensure that it becomes a major player on the world stage. Headquartered in Baku, Gilan Holding embraces the new – the company places great emphasis on sourcing the latest technologies and streamlining the manufacturing process. Gilan operates across three main business sectors: Construction, Tourism and Industries.The company is also kick-starting the nation's sporting progression by investing heavily in sports clubs, stadia and facilities.

Main activities of Gilan Holding

Gilan Holding has also established an international affiliates programme, which brings mutual benefit to both the company and its partners. Along with achieving our aim we widen and develop our factory incessantly. "Gilan Holdinq" constructing new production zones and increases assortment. To increase production power and assortment of products in construction, tourism and industry areas we develop new projects and install newest modern equipment. We believe that on base of adoption of new technologies products of Azerbaijan will win leadership on the world market arena.Our main goal is to enter into the ranks of the most famous manufacturers and creating of our own market niche in the world market. Our mission To become leader among manufacturers due to our natural and ecologically pure production. Our aim To supply our consumers with qualified goods and to glorify Azerbaijan on the world market by means of our products.

Main tasks of Gilan Holding

  • To extend means of company;
  • To take one of the highest levels on the world market arena;
  • To increase assortment and to create turnover on a broad scale;
  • To improve quality control;
  • Realization of innovations in production field;
  • To make analysis of opportunities of activity on foreign market.