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General Prosecutor of the Republic of Azerbaijan

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About General Prosecutor of the Republic of Azerbaijan

The history of state prosecutor's office in the independent Azerbaijan began after the establishment of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic. On November 18, 1918 "Regulations of the Chamber of the Court of Azerbaijan" was approved by the Council of Ministers.F. Khoyski, X. Khasmammadov were ministers of justice of the Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan, as well as the chief prosecutors.After collapse of an independent state of Azerbaijan on July 11, 1922, the Soviet prosecutor's office of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic was founded.During the period of Baku Commissariat and thereafter People's Commissariat of Justice A. Garayev, B. Valibəyli, B. Talibli, A. Sultanov, Y. Mammadov were also chief prosecutor of Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic.

Activity of Prosecutor's Office of Republic

After Azerbaijan restored its independence in 1991 the republic entered a new period.Prosecutor's Office of Republic of controls execution and application of laws in order and cases stipulated by law; initiates a criminal case in cases stipulated by law and conducts primary investigation, has procedural leading on primary investigation and ensures observation of laws, defense state charge on courts, raises claim in courts, participates as claimant in cases related to civil and economic disputes, the protests on court decisions. In addition, controlling on the implementation of penalties imposed by the courts, execution and application of laws by bodies of investigation and operative search and execution and application of laws in cases specified by legislation are included in activities of the prosecutor's office, too.It is unacceptable to impose duties on Prosecutor's Office, which are not specified in the law and the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
On October 1 of each year the staff of the Prosecutor's Office celebrates their professional holiday.