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About GDG Professionals

GDG Professionals is the company providing high level professional service in the fields of Personnel Management, Coaching, Training along with the Headhunting/Recruitment. Having recommended itself as a company oriented to aims and results, GDG Professionals works in compliance with the international standards. Our services include quality support in such areas as HRM development, business cases/processess management and optimization.In order to assist our clients to set their strategic goals and add the amount of confidence and value, GDG Professionals offer their supoort in development of HRM in the following four directions:

  • Strategic partnership
  • Administration
  • Management of Change
  • Personnel Management

As professionals, we build our business relations with clients on the grounds of trust, confidence and partnership principles.

In the business world we are well recognized as a company:

  • Focusing on the strategic management
  • Estimating client’s readiness for changes and implementing development of those
  • Harmonizing organizational culture of local companies with international best practices
  • Adding value to companies/organizations

Activity of the company

The name of our company is closely connected with the activities performed in the Management sphere and services provided in HRM field. Those include headhunting/recruitment, coaching and management consulting as well as suggestion of new training methods, etc. GDG Professionals is the constantly improving group of professionals introducing new services to the employment market.We assist our clients not only to enhance their HRM activity by means of introduction and popularization of new views and approaches, but also help to set up the basics of HRM system, create guidelines and implement them. GDG Professionals is truly devoted to its ission and principles of work, the quality that makes us extremely different and special. We have been leaders in the field of provided services for many years and hold our positions up to now.