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Ganja Military Court

Ganca, Ataturk avenue, 246 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Ganja Military Court

Ganja Military Court hears cases that do not pose significant public threat or are less serious crimes against war and military service, as well as those that do not pose significant public threat or are less serious crimes committed by military servicemen within relevant territorial jurisdiction (if the crimes indicated are committed with participation of a person who are not military servicemen, his/her case will also be heard by the military court).

Establishment of the Court

The Military Court of Ganja was established in 1992 and operated under the name Ganja garrison’s military tribunal until 2000. It has been operating under the name “the Military Court of Ganja” since 2000.The territorial units which fall under the jurisdiction of the Military Court of Ganja according to the Decree on territorial jurisdiction of the courts of appeal, courts of serious crimes, administrative-economic courts and military courts of the Republic of Azerbaijan issued by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on 09 August 2010 are as follows:

1. Aghstafa district
2. Dashkasan district
3. Gadabay district
4. Kapaz district, Ganja city
5. Nizami district, Ganja city
6. Göygöl district
7. Khankendi city
8. Khojali district
9. Kalbajar district
10. Gazakh district
11. Mingachevir city
12. Samukh district
13. Shamkir district
14. Tovuz district.