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Fund of Monitoring of Ecological Standards of Azerbaijan

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About Fund of Monitoring of Ecological Standards of Azerbaijan

Fund of Monitoring of Ecological Standards of Azerbaijan ( is established as non-political, non-commercial, non-governmental organization in 2004 by the group of ecologists with creative, scientific, intellectual potential for the solution of the most actual problems of current day such as environmental pollution and the threat towards biovariety in Azerbaijan. We act within the frames of laws governing in Azerbaijan Republic.Structures of our organization- General meeting, the deciding organization hold once a year. Executive body of Fund - our President, staff – ecologists, translators, administrative manager, accountant. Control function is conducting by control-inspection comission.

Activities of the Fund

We held many measures, in the sphere of environmental protection, since 2004 year. For example, “Let’s Learn and Protect Our Environment”, “The best ecological painting" contest held within the "Ecological Patrol" project, “Results of monitoring conducted in connection with atmosphere pollution by transport in Baku city”, “Influence of mobile phones on children health and education-training process”, “Bird Flu: Rumors and Realities”, “Coverage ways of ecological problems in the press”, “Ecological strategy EECCA: Preconditions for successful realization”, “Armenian vandalism against natural resources in the occupied Azerbaijani territories”, “Planting of Baku city: realities and problems”, “Ecological condition of soil in the Caspian Sea coast strip and basin: realities and problems”, "Familiarization of public with problems of biosafety in Azerbaijan" and regular ecological action in Central Botanical Gardens and etc.


Our Fund has close relations with state organizations. They are Minstry of Ecology and Natural Resourses, Ministry of Youth and Sport, Ministry of Helath, Hygiene and Epidemiology Center, Water Agriculture and Land-Improvement Open Stock Company, State Oil Comany of Azerbaijan Republic and etc. Also we are in the membership of ACSDA (Azerbaijan Civil Sosiety Development Assosiation).Aims:The aim of Fund is to find problematic spheres in our environment via monitoring and enlightenment and try to solve these problems.

Objectives of the Fund of Monitoring of Ecological Standards 

  • -Conduct of ecological monitoring directed to the exposure of areas with bad environmental state and exposure of actual problems in the ecology;
  • -Enlightenment of people according ecology, global warming, ecological diversity and other spheres related with ecology (mainly youth and women)
  • -Working in rural areas with young generation in order to educate them to save nature mainly forests and natural diversity;
  • -Creation of common informational space for the exchange of information between different NGOs, governments, international organizations and people in environmental protection sphere in the region.