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FAB Paints and Chemical Industry

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About FAB Paints and Chemical Industry

Being one of the leading companies in the construction sector "FAB Paints and Chemicals Industry Ltd." has been operating since 2001. At the beginning the company started the production of paint products such as water-based, synthetic, cellulosic paint products and solvents. In 2006, on the basis of German project the enterprise that meets modern standards "Polymers" factory started its activity. There are produced PVA adhesives, acrylic and other binders here.

Activities of FAB Paints and Chemicals Industry Ltd.

In 2012 to the list of existing factories there has been added "Electrical Products Factory" and fully automatic operating "Fabkim Tiles and Ceramics Adhesives Factory".To take full control of the quality of products produced in the company there exist laboratories equipped with the latest technologies.Our mission is to be a company useful to society and the environment, strengthening the economy and doing his best to ensure a bright future, with the achievements of the targets? to raise every day, to increase the products range and mainly providing the maximum level of customer satisfaction.We as "FAB PAINTS" are proud of being with You all the time, and serving You!

Achievements of the company FAB

Beginning its production from 2001 "FAB Paints" with its motto like "The Users Know the Benefit" at the same time should continue growing. The main focus is we have created is to satisfy our consumers. This can only be achieved by quality products and quality service. It is possible to succeed in any case operating under these conditions.Since 2010 "FAB Paints" has been rewarded as The Best Quality Paint Company of the Year. Applied with the measuring and control devices from Germany and England, the Quality Control Laboratories of the company received the Certificate of Accreditation from The State Standardization and Metrology Department. One more such laboratory has been launched recently.

Besides in 2004 because of its quality products and management system "FAB Paints" company was awarded with İSO 9001 : 2000 International Certificate by "International Organization for Standardization". In 2007 the company was reawerded this certificate. The main raw materials used in the production of its paints, adhesives, glues and other products are imported from leading producers of raw materials in Europe. The company is cooperating with the leading paint producers all over the world. "FAB Paints" permanently tries to enlarge its production range. In 2014 a new profile and pipe producing factory was launched attached to "FAB Paints" factory. Besides, in 2014 one more sales center has been added to the network - a new store at a new address.

Social activities of the company FAB Paints 

Except production FAB Paints company is engaged also in organization of wide range of social activities. Taking into account the activities held by our state for developing the young generation we beginning from 2013 started to conduct seminars for schoolchildren to enlarge their world view and introduce them with the activity of the factory.In addition, "FAB Paints" organizes training programs for masters specialized in various areas of the construction industry with aim to introduce them its manufactured and imported products, as well as familiarize them with the production process, quality control, proper use and maintenance of the products, solution of the problems that may arise during their use. Since 2014 all these activities were covered by a new formed "FAB Academy".Constantly producing new product range, bringing out quality products through a strong technology and community-minded company has managed to create a different image in the construction industry.