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About Ecolabservice

The company "Facility Management Solutions & Supply" LTD (FMSS) conducts activities in the field of technical and economic maintenance of buildings and facilities, supply of equipment, consumables and spare parts for all kinds of businesses and laboratories of oil and gas, healthcare and construction industries. The company offers a wide range of services as part of its activities: preparation and implementation of programs for property management, social and engineering infrastructure of the organization occupying a space, life support systems and safety communications of the building in good condition, cleanliness, care for the adjacent territory, the use of high-tech systems for service pools. Accumulated practice allows us to help customers to focus on cost-effectiveness and performance of the core business, saving both time and money. "Facility Management Solutions & Supply" – is an official distributor proven itself on the global market of European and American manufacturers of laboratory equipment. In addition, the company is a representative of one of the largest in the Middle East Arabian companies - Labplus, specializing in the manufacture of laboratory furniture.