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About Duet

Duet Company provides the following services in the field of engineering and information security, SCS, IT and also electrics and electronics of various scale and complexity: • Design, mounting, installation and configure of information security systems (antivirus, security endpoint, data loss prevention systems, systems of accounting of user actions, security scanners, etc.) • Installation of server (servers, UPS, server racks, etc.) and telecommunications (network switches, switches, modems, patch panels, etc.) equipment. • Fault diagnosis and repair of computer equipment. Installation and configure operating systems and software. Replacement of computer components (power supplies, motherboards, memory and processors), installation of peripheral equipment and accessories. • Design, installation and configure analog, Wi-Fi and IP video surveillance systems based on video cameras, DVR and NVR. Installation and programming of video management systems (client-server). • Design, mounting and configuration of security alarm system based on motion, vibration and glass break detectors, magnetic contacts. Designing security areas and sections, administration of remote event monitoring. • Design, mounting and configuration of fire alarm systems based on smoke and flame detectors, alarm panic buttons, IR point and directional sensors of fire prevention, etc. Programming and configuration of fire alarm management system • Design, mounting and configuration of ACMS based on proxy card or biometric readers, automatic door closers, electromagnetic and electromechanical locks, etc. Programming and configuration of ACMS and working time accounting software • Design, mounting and configuration of automatic fire prevention systems (FM200, CO2) based on fire extinguishers, collectors, sprayers and nozzles (metal pipes should be not more than 3 inches in diameter) • Design, mounting and configuration of Very Early Smoke Detection Aspirator (VESDA or FAAST) systems • Mount and configuration of inflammable, toxic and catalyst gas detectors, infrared explosive gas detectors, ultrasonic leakage gas detectors • Design and mounting Structured Cabling Systems (Local Area Networking, electrical power networks and fiber-optic communication). Mount of metallic and plastic ceiling and wall mount cable trays, cable laying in metallic, plastic and rubber corrugated hoses and pipes. Wiring and crimping cables, connection and labeling sockets and outlets. Creating detailed plans and drawings of offices and premises, and also projects and diagrams of connections in accordance with USDD • Making detailed designs and drawings of security systems with detailed description and specification of systems and hardware • Installation of videoconference systems: o Ceiling and wall mounted projectors o PTZ cameras, also IP, USB and WEB cameras o Professional audio microphones, headphones and speakers o Video blasters and capture cards o Projector screens and rear projection films, interactive white boards as well o Network hardware used for videoconference (KVM, VGA and HDMI switches, USB extensions) and other cabling systems o Videoconference workstations and servers • Developing of websites turnkey • Developing mobile apps for iOS and Android • Developing and designing databases • Providing audit and consultation regarding Information Technologies • Developing automation in workplace • Creating data storage and administration systems (cloud), corporative webmail service