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Civil Service Commission

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About Civil Service Commission

On 18 October 1991 the Republic of Azerbaijan achieving state independence confidently entered into the international relations and turned into the active participant of the processes developing both in the region and worldwide as a full member of the international law. Our Republic keeps on reforming the national state building this to meet the modern worldwide public administration systems. Main objectives of the implemented reforms are to build public administration system, to provide to a human and citizen the highest state guaranty of rights and freedoms and, generally, to accelerate process of the integration of Azerbaijan into the international world. One of the most significant steps in this direction was adoption of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan On civil service (21 July 2000). Adoption of this Law has laid the foundation for the single state policy building in the civil service area in the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Main aims of the Civil Service Commission

Main aims of the Commission are organization of the standard legal acts enforcement adopted in the civil service area, selection and placement of the civil service HR on the competitive basis, professional development, attestation and social protection of the civil servants, as well as guaranty of the performance of the policy provided for by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan referring to other issues related to the civil service.In order to implement these aims, the Commission participates in forming of the single state policy in the area of civil service and other HR issues and carries out this policy hereby, as well as drafts proposals on forecasting of the civil service HR staffing, implements relevant tasks of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan and Civil Service Management Board in this field.

Moreover, the Commission prepares drafts of the standard legal acts required for the performance regulation of the civil service and HR area, coordinates performance of the state bodies in training, re-training and professional development of civil servants, analyzes actual state of affairs in this field and prepares proposals thereupon.Commission ensures competitive and transparent citizens recruitment to the civil service in the centralized order, maintains centralized database on civil servants administration, provides its efficient application and performs other responsibilities the Commission entrusted with by the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan.