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Baku, Alatava-2, Head Ring road, 212 AZ1012 *** 1 voted

About Davali

Along with all types of stones used in Azerbaijan, “Davali” OJSC purchases various types of granite and marble stones, raw materials, intermediate products and finished articles from Ukraine, Russian Federation, Islamic Repubic of Iran, People’s Republic of China, Republic of South Africa, India, Barzil, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Afganistan, Dubai, Egypt, Zimbabwe and other countries.

  • Preparation and installation of covering slabs for construction.
  • Coating of facades of buildings with Aghlay, Marble, Granite and other types of stones.
  • Coating of vestibules and stairways of skyscrapers with various types of aghlay, granite and marble stones and covering of floors.
  • Preparation of architectural monuments, busts and monuments, gravestones. Provision of works in high quality and submission of works to the customer within specified period of time.
  • Preparation of necessary workbenches and equipment, cutting and assembling of various types of ornaments, figures and mosaic by means of Water Jet workbench.

Marble and Granite

“Davali” Joint Stock Company, being an independent legal person, operates on the basis of the Civil Code of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Law “ Joint Stock Companies”, its own Statute and other applicable legislative acts. “Davali” Open Joint Stock Company is multiple-discipline manufacturing enterprise. There are skilful experts employed in the company – well-known artists, painters, stonemasons, sculptors, metal works craftsmen,engineers working with workbench and equipment.