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Davachy Broyler

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About Davachy Broyler

Davachi Broiler Open Joint Stock Company was founded in 1996 on the basis of reconstructed material-technical basis of Davachi Poultry Factory, which had been created in 1981. After the notable political and public figure Heydar Aliyev again came to power in Azerbaijan real revival was observed in the economy of our independent country. Foreign investment began to flow to our economy and different economic spheres in both private and state sectors were reconstructed. Market relations have become norms in economics and in social life of the society, outlines of consumer market were defined and essential changes were observed in the local production.

Davachi Broiler

In accordance with the 1st State Program on Privatization, Davachi Poultry Factory successfully passed privatization process in 1997. Restoration of previous productive capacity, replacement of old devices and equipments with new ones, repair and adjustment of existing mechanisms and devices and other similar work started in January 2002 and the enterprise was ready for annual production after only 6 months. This restoration and reconstruction activities were carried out on account of 13 billion manats credited to Davachi Broiler ASC by the Joint Stock Commercial Bank Republic. Besides, former experienced and qualified personnel of the enterprise were involved in the production again.

Davachi Broiler ASC is situated in an area that includes 135 hectares. There are 90 buildings (including 52 broiler buildings) in the area and 800 workers work there. Annual poultry production of the enterprise is 13.000 tons.