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Derya Fish House

Baku, Sabail district, Namig Guliyev street, 57 АZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Derya Fish House

Derya Fish House (Bibi-Heybat) – was found in 2008 year.We offer fresh sea food and fish dishes. The dishes are cooked in 2 ways , on Pan and Brazier.For non-sea food eaters, we offer chicken and meat meals, also various salads. Dishes are prepared in modern, european style kitchen.We have a special playing garden for children entertainment here. You can enjoy our fontains and ecologically clean square.Here we have 3 Event halls .For 50 people – Cupola hall,For 100 people – on the second floor, Panorama hall,For 200 people – 30 meter prolonged into the sea, Piers hall,We have also got boats and motorboats for sea ride. Enjoy life with us.