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Dalga Plaza

Baku, Sabail district, Neftchilar prospect, 24 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Dalga Plaza

«DALGA PLAZA» is office complex of a class "A", designed on the international standards and requirements of building of business centres. The business centre represents a modern 12 floor building of cascade type, with a bay window and a beautiful facade. Courageous architectural decisions have been realized on the area 1300 м2, company Azinko. Into complex structure enter: office premises of a class "A", the advanced conference halls, the excellent restaurant, a protected parking. Already today it is obvious, that «DALGA PLAZA» - the project included in structure of numerous sights of Baku. Unique architectural decisions, stylish internal design, unique sensation of light and space provides as much as possible comfortable working atmosphere. The facade of office building is a skilful combination high-quality transparent and composite surfaces. During dark time of days the building looks especially majestic, thanks to effective and original highlighting by means of decorative illumination. All demanded conditions and services for prosperity of your business are realized into a reality in a building by a total area 11000 м2. The Ground floor of prestigious business centre is completely laid out by a granite, and in furnish of all other floors pure Italian marble is used. The height of ceilings here exceeds 3 metres that creates unique sensation of freedom and space. The interior, colour scores and design of all complex «DALGA PLAZA» have been thought carefully over by experts. Especially it is necessary to note a convenient arrangement «DALGA PLAZA». It is possible to tell, the unique business centre, at an entrance to which at you will not arise difficulties because of numerous stoppers on roads of our capital. «DALGA PLAZA» carries out round-the-clock activity, guaranteeing thus high level of service within 24 hours. And the unsurpassed panorama of sea open space will transform your stay in business centre into continuous pleasure. In a word, «DALGA PLAZA» - an embodiment of success, business energy and prestige, the birthplace of new ideas of business and a zone of dynamical activity!