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Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort

Baku, Mardakan settlement, Khazar district, Sahil, 55c AZ1000 *** 51 voted

About Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort

Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort includes - 10 swimming pools, 5 restaurants, 7 bars, 6 different water slides, kids club, pools for water sports, pools, places for day-time games, VIP pool and other places, night club, various sunbeds.

Dalga Beach Aquapark Baku - Enter price and Tariffs 

  • Monday - Thursday: 25 AZN
  • Friday - Sunday: 35 AZN
  • 0-6 years: free (max 2 persons)
  • 6-12 years: 15 AZN (max 2 persons)

Enter price includes: Wardrobe, pools, sunbeds around pools, shower cabin, use of water, towels and slides

Dalga Beach Aquapark Mardakan - Paid services and prices

  • VIP dress rooms: 150 AZN (max 4 persons)
  • VIP sunbeds on 3 islands in the pool: 20 AZN
  • Wooden houses and sunbeds on the way to the sea: 40 AZN (for 2 persons)
  • Houses made of bamboo: 20 AZN
  • Pools for women on non-rented days: 20 AZN
  • VIP pool rental: 2500 AZN
  • Kids Club: 20 AZN (for holding birthday, 25 AZN. (price includes birthday cake, drinks və surprise).
  • Nanny per an hour: 10 AZN
  • Night club (Monday-Thursday): 30 AZN (free till 00:00 a.m.)
  • Night club (Friday-Sunday): 50 AZN
  • Night club VIP zone for 4 persons: 400 AZN (100 AZN for each additional person)
  • VIP house for 2 days on weekend for 4 persons: 5000 AZN (1000 AZN for each additional person)
  • VIP house per a day during a week for 4 persons: 2000 AZN
  • Surfing pool for 10 minutes: 10 AZN
  • Working hours - 7/24
  • Auto parking - auto parking is available for 500 cars in our recreation center.

Swimming pools in Dalga Beach Aquapark

You may have fun all day long in 6 different water slides including 3 autopots. Water slides are available to only over 12-years old guests. Various types of water games will be carried out in 3 pools throughout a day, where you can enjoy as much as you want. 7 kinds of wave and surf pools are available to you to reach the peak of enjoyment. You can try various types of water entertainment including Parachute, Scooters, Playboard, Seabob, Banana, Mable, Flyfish, Ringo that will be applied in Azerbaijan for the first time in our resort. Children's pool with a depth of 60 cm will serve our guests. Along with swimming pools, decorative pools are also available in our resort.

Kids Club in Dalga Beach Aquapark Mardakan

Parents can entrust their children to our employees in "Kids Club" established for guests aged 4. Children can take advantage of special programs, fun games and quizzes organized here from 10:00 a.m. to 19:30 p.m. for 7 days. In addition, Burger Restaurant, which offers child meals for our very young guests and a poll with the depth of 60 cm for their safe swimming. 0-3 year-old children can come here with their parents or nannies can be ordered for them.

Dalga Beach Aquapark's Night Club

You can come to the night club with a special entrance without entering the resort territory. Our two-storey club has special sound and light systems. The systems will be launched for a wide range of selling by the producer in 2017. Disco club will host the world-known DJs. They will come to "Dalga Beach Aquapark Resort" to serve customers for 1-2 weeks every 15-20 days. Dance shows will cherish you special moments every day. VIP zone is also availableto customers. Entrance to the night club is free of charge till 00:00 a.m.

Dress rooms in Aquapark

Wardrobes which can be opened only with an arm ribbon, were allocated for 500 women and 500 men at the entrance of our resort. You can keep your belongings in these wardrobes and enjoy in the recreation center. Towels, the use of water and shower cabins are absolutely free of charge in the place where wardrobes were set.

VIP Zone in Dalga Beach Resort Baku

Services of VIP zone allocated to our special guests are followings:

  • 6 dress rooms - the rooms on the right and on the left of the entrance are available to daily renting. These rooms are designed for a maximum of 4 persons.
  • VIP sunbeds on 3 islands in the pool
  • Wooden houses and sunbeds on the way to the sea
  • Houses made of bamboo
  • Swings
  • VIP pool - it is designed for a maximum of 20 people. The pool is available to rent in order to swim in the daytime and hold small events in the evening. By making an extra payment, only women can take advantage of the pool on non-rented days.
  • VIP zone in Night club - special guests can use the 4-person VIP lodges in the club.
  • VIP houses consist of 2 bedrooms and 2 lounges, a salon, a sauna, a massage room, a swimming pool and terrace. Our special employees will serve you here. All services in VIP zone will be free of charge for our customers renting a VIP house. Also, services of soft drinks and different types of fruits will be presented to you.
  • Banquets and events - The territory of our resort is available to hold parties and events.