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Dair Hotels and Restaurants Association

Baku, Yasamal district, Sharifzada street, 100 AZ1110 *** 4 voted

About Dair Hotels and Restaurants Association

Hotels and Restaurants Association is NGO which unites hotels and restaurants and other institutions of the hospitality industry. We're non-profit association which supports and promotes of hotel and restaurant business interests in Azerbaijan. Association was established and registered by The Ministry of Justice of the Azerbaijan Republic in 23rd April 2009. (State Certificate No. 1109-Q27-2719) Our ideas are important and necessary for the development of hotel and restaurant sector. Association covers of limited sector of the economy and this provides him a relevance and uniqueness. Association conducts its operations within the framework of high ethical standards by following domestic and international laws and successfully progressing to enhance image and activity of the organization, both in Azerbaijan and abroad. Protect of the interests of hotel and restaurant business, providing them practical assistance, perform a supporting role in the development of the hospitality industry and other similar questions are chosen as priority in our relations. We strive to contribute to the process of developing legislation and legal acts that govern hotel and restaurant businesses as well as providing of professional counseling. Hotels and Restaurants Association is a non-governmental organization in the hospitality industry with our inherent new and progressive ideas.