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Dahi Training Center

Baku, Nasimi district, Rasul Rza street, 15/15 AZ1000 *** 3 voted

About Dahi Training Center

Dahi was established in 1999. Today the Company develops new programs, provides trainings and specialized courses, realizes projects in computer technologies and Internet, and carries out humanitarian projects aimed at raising knowledge and education of the population of the country.Since foundation the Company has rapidly and successfully expanded its activity and the list of services offered.Currently Dahi consists of several departments, which render services in different areas:

  • Study Online - offers distance education
  • Study Abroad - offers education in foreign countries
  • Translation Center - offers professional written and verbal translation and interpreting
  • Teacher Training Center - offers methodological training for teachers
  • Exam Preparation - offers preparation for such exams as TOEFL, IELTS, SAT, GMAT, GRE etc.
  • Consulting Center - offers services on consultancy
  • Language School - offers multilevel intensive courses of foreign languages
  • Computer School - offers courses on updated computer programs
  • Kids School - offers courses for children, pre-school courses
  • Testing Center - offers test and certification provision

Language school

Dahi is a representative of foreign Colleges and Universities in Azerbaijan. It operates in close cooperation with various organizations of the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Spain, Russia and other countries.In Dahi Center you can learn Azeri, English, German French, Spanish, Italian, Russian and other languages.Here you are offered various multilevel programs with application of the most updated methodologies. You have the possibility to choose a program, which suits your goals and terms most efficiently.

Our teachers use the methodology achievements, which enable a perfect formation of language basis. Alongside with this, they introduce the learning aids most recently developed by foreign scientists, which turn each lesson into a small show. It means that you can start your learning process from the level most precisely corresponding to the scope of your knowledge, and you can terminate it as soon as you reach the desired results.While selecting the program we consider different factors: starting level of knowledge, goals for studying a language, availability of free time and individual characteristics of the student. The classes are arranged in small groups or individually depending on the student’s choice