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Baku, Narimanov district, Ahmad Rajabli street, 1/25 B АZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Clinic Medical

In 2006 established in Azerbaijan Clinic Medical MMC entered the world of medicine with the sale of medical equipments and provision of technical services. Our company fulfill successfully for 7 years experience, distinguished by quality service sales of all types of medical equipments and regular after-sales technical service.The basic principle of CLINIC MEDICAL MMC is fully meet the needs and requirements of our valuable customers and partners, design the highest quality equipments for their satisfaction.With the highest value for our customers our strong and orderly business, competitive prices, meet national and international requirements are being developed continuously as the primary mission.

Services of Clinic Medical

Including state and private medical institutions Clinic Medical, provides based on international standards medical devices and materials to all private health centers, dealer and examination centers.The rapid development of medical technology in time , following a full and accurate Clinic Medical The company's main goal is to provision of information establishing a robust and reliable technology infrastructure Sustainable innovation is applied to create a robust system and all the conditions based on laws substantially and to fulfill the continuously.During the period of rapid development of medical technologies-the main purpose of Clinic Medical is build a healthy and strong technology infrastructure, to create a robust system with continuous innovations and to fulfill all conditions of the laws.