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City Sightseeing Baku

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About City Sightseeing Baku

The new City Sightseeing tour of Baku, Azerbaijan will bring to the visiting tourist all the wonders of the beautiful capital of Azerbaijan, made famous by the James Bond movie “The World is not Enough” and of course by being the winning country of the 2011 Eurovision song contest, and then Baku the host city of the 2012 Eurovision song contest. Steeped in history and of beautiful modern and old world architecture, with a skyline that can beat that of countries like Dubai, with an oil exploration history going back centuries, there is evidence of petroleum being used in trade as early as the 3rd and 4th centuries, famous oil families such as the Nobel brothers, Robert, Ludvig and Alfred – the latter is the inventor of dynamite and the father of the Nobel prizes, founded their oil company, Branobel, with the main activities in Baku – where any farmer who put his spade in the right place could become an oil baron.