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Chelebi Furniture & Decor

Baku, Sabail district, Uzeyir Hajıbayov street, 151 AZ1010 *** 2 voted

About Chelebi Furniture & Decor

Aida Mahmudova and Farid Rasulov, two Azerbaijani contemporary artists were inspired to create Chelebi Furniture & Decor. Accomplished in their respective mediums, they joined forces to produce a truly modern yet unmistakably Azeri aesthetic approach to furniture.Merging old designs with new ideas are the core concept of this new line. They have collaborated with local and international artists, illustrators, designers and crafts people in order to produce their beautiful, original and limited-edition home wares. They have artfully referenced nuances of Azerbaijan’s past in their new line of furniture that will ultimately be future heirlooms.

Chelebi Furniture & Decor Company

Chelebi is based in Baku, however the company derives its name from a mountainous and scenic village in Karabakh region, north-west of the country, renowned for its elaborately decorated carpets.