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Caucasian Metal Packaging Industry

Baku, Binagadi district, Darnagul settlement, 108 АZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Caucasian Metal Packaging Industry

Qafqaz Metal Fabrikası LLC started its activity in 2003 in Baku in tin packaging industry sector. Our factory, having in total 17,000 m2 of covered and 16,000 m2 of open territory, with its newest technologies and ISO 9001-2000 quality system is at the service of Azerbaijan and the World.Our goal is to be irreproachable based on our policy of timely delivery of products manufactured by the newest technological methods and with taking into account consistent research and development in manufacturing of all types of tin packaging, and of non-deviation from quality thanks to up-to-date laboratory testing devices.Caucasus metal packaging plant consists of three shops:

  • Lid shop;
  • Tin can shop; and
  • Lithography shop.

Lids and tin cans are manufactured at the plants, as well as print and varnish are applied on tin boards.Currently, approximately 230 men work at the plant.

Production Spheres

Lithography Line-It is printing on cans in printing machines by the latest technology of production system. We print for tin can manufacturers boards of any size and color in accordance with demands and design of customers.
Can Line- Fully automated can production lines equipped with up-to-day systems have features of 100% guaranteed welding without leakage. Caucasus Metal Factory, whose know-how quality is supported by ISO 9000 quality system documents, manufactures round and quadrangular cans between 100 g. and 18 kg.
Lid Line-Round and quadrangular lids for tin can manufacturers have diameters from 70 mm to 235 mm.

Mission of Caucasian Metal Packaging Industry

  • To provide reliable, high quality, healthy and environmentally safe goods and services. To deliver these goods and services to consumers in the most suitable way;
  • To improve service quality for our customers;
  • Balanced, healthy and consistent development;
  • To be a competitor and be open to the world;
  • To be a socially responsible and reliable entity;
  • To use technological infrastructure in effective and useful manner;
  • To increase sales volumes by increasing types of goods and services;
  • To direct the field in which we operate;
  • To ensure dissemination of quality culture in the country of operation;
  • To ensure delivery of our products to any point of the world subject to total quality

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy reflects general principles and values of our company, identifies us and relies on high human values. This philosophy finds its real meaning in the activities relating to the company’s functions in various directions. Our philosophy is directed at various activities of our company. Another meaning of our philosophy shows that we take responsibility for the company’s arrangements and activities and defines our world view. Our philosophy reflects our attitude and approach towards human factor, quality, health, environment, technology, ethics, clients and justice.