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Baku, Bayıl settlement, Gurban Abbasov street, Sabail district, 35 AZ1000 *** 2 voted

About Caspian RA

"Caspian RA" kindly offers following services: 1. Rent of construction equipment and machinery. All of our technique passes inspection on time and have all the certificates. All operators are the certified professionals. 2. Bus and minibus rent on daily and monthly basis and depending on the distance. Our vehicles meet the latest requirements, comfort and safety are main factors. 3. Manufacturing, selling and rent of plastic and steel containers. Our company is the official partner of the leading plastic cabin & container manufacturers of Turkey. 4. Selling of medical forms, PPE for workers, security forms and accepting orders for sewing. Even the smallest embroidery of each form passes through a serious quality control. Therefore, our customers are always satisfied with our products. 5. Construction and repairing works, assemblying of steel structures. Only professional experts can be employees of our company. We use only proven products over the years, therefore we can give full guarantee of the quality of our work. 6. Installation of bridge cranes with lifting capacity from 0.8 tons to 50 tons. Our company is the official partner of the leading crane manufacturers of Germany and Turkey and is successful in this endeavor. 7. Security service and protection. Organization of security and protection of various offices, facilities, businesses and individuals. Our guards are equipped with uniforms, handcuffs, batons, helmets, lights, sticks and etc. Depending on specific requirements at a facility, we use specially trained search dogs.