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Caspian Industrial Trading Company-CITCO

Baku, Хatai district, Afiyaddin Jalilov street, 26 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Caspian Industrial Trading Company-CITCO

The Organization of "Caspian Industrial Trading Company" was founded in 2004. During its activity the company has improved the product turnover, service sector importantly enlarged, increased the labor power, offered product ranges, improved the quality and work professionalism. The activity of the company mainly depends on the manufacturers, manufacturers of onshore and offshore oil and mining companies, factories, construction, shipbuilding plants, factories, barges marine industry, the hydraulic industry. The Organization of "Caspian Industrial Trading Company" regularly arranges internal trainings about the hygienic rules of the products. The directory of the company also puts through the trainings to give information the sale and service staff about the modern technologies. The new catalogs and flyers are regularly sent to the customers about the new products. Presentation about the new products, restoration and service is displayed in the service centers provided with the new technologies of us or customers. Compared to the companies which seriously suffered from the world crisis of 2009, our company didn’t see any difficulty, and some of these companies were incorporated into the assets of the business. Thanks to our workers’ professional level and director’s support we were able to protect ourselves. The product ranges offered by the "Caspian Industrial Trading Company" are the following: - hoses, mounting hoses (water, oil, fire, hydraulic, air); - Combined Pressure measuring instrument (liquid and dry); - bands, connectors, abrasives, gaskets; - hand tools (German firm "ELORA") Force and Tony King; - mechanical tools (Japanese firm "Makita") Hilti, Dewalt, Bosch; - seat covers, butterflies, valves; - welding equipment and accessories (US firm "Victor"); - pipes, tubes, plastic connectors; - pipes, tubes for the metal connectors; - lifting equipment; - hazardous materials; - "YOTUN" firm paints, sprayer (US firm "ABRO"), to paint grater; - bolts, nuts; - cup graters (German firm "OSBORN"); - chemicals and other industrial materials (WD - 40, CRC); - Lifting highways (belts), cargo holders; - electrical equipment (sockets, cables); - building materials and metal structures; - fastening systems (German firm "Fissher"); - abrasives, drills, cutters, millings; - Magnetic drills, hole cutters (British firm "G & J"); - Reinforced materials (networks, lists, barriers, angles - Once used, and the new Forklift (Caterpillar, KAMATSU, Hyundai).