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Beauty Palace Anti Age Clinic

Baku, Narimanov district, Tabriz street, 239 AZ1052 *** 2 voted

About Beauty Palace Anti Age Clinic

Anti Age is a new field which reflects the latest medical advancements in body rejuvenation. It is a package of services aimed at prevention of ageing. Diet, physical activities, vitamins and other preparations included in Anti Age field for alteration of lifestyle and body purification lead to slowing down of ageing processes. According to expert opinion it is possible not only to slow down the process of ageing, but also to prevent it. As practice shows, patients who underwent an Anti Age program look 10-30 years younger than their peers.

Services of Beauty Palace

As an Anti Age clinic, “Beauty Palace” offers you cosmetology, spa and image zone services, water aerobics and a fitness center. With the help of our medical and cosmetological procedures you will undergo a health improvement and rejuvenation course, relax completely in the spa zone, change your look cardinally in the image zone. Moreover, there is an educational center at your service where you can attend cosmetology and make-up courses and expectant mothers classes. Doctors and other specialists trained abroad are waiting for you in “Beauty Palace”. Stay young with us….