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General Security Department

Baku, Nasimi district, Lisey dongesi, 2 AZ1022 *** 3 voted

About General Security Department

Security Service of MIA of Azerbaijan Republic is the independent structure that operates to provide the safety of Property owners, the representatives of international organizations as well as the safety of individual with diplomatic immunity on the basis of the contracts.
Parts of the Main Security Department operates in all cities and regions of Azerbaijan. At present, the Office of the Police Regiment includes 1 to 13 Security office, the Security in 18 departments and 19 divisions. Abseron district Garden areas, including the Department of Conservation.

The structure of the General Security Department

Inspector of the department;
The organization of the service department;
Hardware department;
Department of Human Resources;
Department of Finance and Planning.
Logistics department; Duty parts management services;

Tasks of the Department

The following types of protection factors are applied depending on the material cost, the type of the property is stored there, designed structure, the area of land, the type of the facility provided with the protection and others and also on the basis of contracts signed by the owners and Parts of the General Security Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Azerbaijan Republic:
- Fixing by the police or security guard posts;
- The security by using security services and the police revolving along the squares and sectors by auto, motor or walking routes;
- Centralized security alarm systems and access point security;
- The security of Cargo, money, securities and metals with direct accompany enforcement of police officers or security guards.