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Main State Traffic Police Department

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About Main State Traffic Police Department

Main State Traffic Police Department is a separate structural unit organizing arrangements for traffic security, control on trafic security, administrative proceedings in cases of violations of traffic rules and road accidents, drafting traffic rules, standards and technical regulations within the framework of official authorities, technical inspection and registration of motor vehicles and trailers, issuing license plates, as well as holding tests on driving skills and technical regulations and issuing driving licenses, holding uniform national records on traffic situation and security.

Main obligations of State Traffic Police

Organization of providing traffic security; Execution of organizational-methodical management for activity of STP apparatuses and units; Participation in working out rules, standards and technical norms regarding traffic security; Implementation of control over observance of the Law of the Azerbaijani Republic “On Road Traffic” in the field of providing traffic security by legal and natural persons; Preparation of materials for meetings of traffic security Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic, supervising the course of implementing the made decisions within its powers; Arrangement of keeping a record of road traffic and its security indicators; Providing STP units with technical facilities, controlling over their being kept in good technical condition;

Organizing trial on administrative offences related to breaking traffic rules; arranging correct imposition of administrative reprimands and implementing supervision over this work; Considering legal and natural persons’appeals concerning traffic security issues; Ensuring the control over the duties entrusted in connection with rendering service-related practical assistance to STP units; Considering appeals entered in connection with STP collaborators, taking measures for preventing negative cases giving rise to complaints; Organizing installation of technical means adjusting road traffic on highways under the desicion of the traffic security Commission of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Azerbaijan Republic; Organizing search for means of transportation and providing mutual relations with other services in this issue; Arranging state official checkup and registration of motor transport means and trailers, giving them state number signs, taking exams on traffic rules and driving licences and issuing driving licences assigning the right on driving transportation means as well;

Participation in conduct of scientific-research works in accordance with traffic security issues; Examination of transportation means, organization of the issue on delivering opinions regarding their technical project documents; Determination of traffic security measures at the expense of budget and extra-budgetary funds; Provision of installing traffic signs and indicators, supply of order and production of transportation and technical means adjusting and controlling road traffic, a crash rescue equipment applied in a accident site for removing results of traffic accidents, as well as other technical facilities and devices providing traffic security, means of agitation serving application of traffic security, special products (blanks of driving licences, vehicle registration certificates, state registration signs and recognition signs).