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Balakan District Court

Nariman Narimanov street, Balakan, 69 AZ1000 *** 1 voted

About Balakan District Court

Balakan District Court hears cases related to civil, criminal, administrative offenses and other cases within the territory of Balakan district as a court of first instance.

About Balakan district

83.7 thousand people in 57 residential units live in Balakan district. The district is diverse in terms of its ethnicity. It population is mainly comprised of Azerbaijanis and Caucasian Avars. Among the ethnic minorities, Caucasian avars are the majority.Apart from avars, ingiloys, gypsies, sakhurs, Russians and Ukrainians also live in the district. The number of Karabakh war veterans is 94, the number of martyr families is 151, the number of internally displaced persons is 265, and the number of refugees is 138. Balakan district was created as an administrative unit in 1930 but was abolished in 1963 and given to Zaqatala district and became an autonomous district again in 1965. Balakan district which occupies 923 sq km of area in the southern foot of the higher Caucasus Mountains in the north west of Azerbaijan, shares borders with the Russian Federation in the north (Dagestan Republic), Republic of Georgia in the west and south west and Zagatala district in the east.