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About Baku Real Estate

If you plan to visit Azerbaijan and want to be bothered with nothing but rest, it is necessary to make a request to our agency. The most part of foreign visitors prefer to rent an apartment, than to stay in expensive hotels, because occupancy takes much priority of any hotels. We can arrange at your service wide selection of apartments, located just in the centre of Baku, without any up-front payment and deposit.Trying to match requirements with possibilities, our agency helps you to make the best real estate decisions, putting at your disposal different types of apartments: from inexpensive furnished flats to luxury apartments, fully equipped to European standards. Moreover, apartments' preview and selection, accompanied by our agent, is free of charge!Our services are paid only after occupancy of apartment. At client's will, we can organize transfer from the airport to the place of your future dwelling.

Rent of apartments with Baku Real Estate agency

In spite of large quantity and wide diversity of hotels in Baku, the service of daily apartments is constantly in evergrowing demand and does not loose its topicality, because of:

  • First of all, in contrast to any hotel, if you rent the apartment, you will pay only for the term of a lease, not for the numbers of berth. So, renting the apartment, you will get great advantage in PRICE.
  • For the second, all apartments, which our agency places at your disposal, are fully equipped with all necessary household goods and have everything required for comfortable dwelling, starting with crockery, finishing with furnishings and technique.
  • For the third, all our apartments are located just in the centre of Baku city, near themain places of interest, what efforts an opportunity for our clients not to waste much money for traffic.

From year to year, overwhelming majority of visitants make sure that the problem of high-quality transfer to the airport, not to mention transfer from the airport after the long flight, is not unimportant. Taking into account that the airport is far from the city centre, the vacation will start and finish in tiring search of comfortable and inexpensive car, especially if it is night flight. Moreover, if you use public conveyances, there will be many inconveniences and problems, especially having big heavy luggage.