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Baku Metal Service

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About Baku Metal Service

Baku Metal Service LLC is Azeri legal entity dealing with supplying services to oil companies by providing wide specter of support repairing
and building geophysical and oilwell equipment, fabrication of different type of metal structures, accommodation and other type of modular
units, producing special furniture for labs and offices, setting up and liquidating computer networks and security systems for offices and
workshops. Later we were able to wide up the list of products and increase our sphere of activity. BMS is a family member of MRK group of
companies from Germany

Fields of activity of Baku Metal Service

  • BMS Metal Works
  • BMS Engineering
  • BMS Construction and Repair
  • BMS Information Technologies
  • BMS Electro
  • BMS Supply
  • BMS Equip
  • BMS State Support

Main point of the company’s policy is involvement of experienced specialists from the beginning of each project for production quality and quality controland as an outcome increasing the final result.Each project goes through the stages:

  • Risk and feasibility study,
  • Expertise of the technical documentation provided by client,
  • Elaboration of the project documentation,
  • Preparation of personnel for each project separately,
  • Production and quality control.

All workers are highly qualified specialists with great experience in elaboration and implementation such type of projects.In urgent cases BMS involves the experts from Germany, Czech Republic, Turkey and Russia. This allows to wide up the list of produced high quality products and services.

Our foreign partners

  • Germany – MRK Engineering GmbH,
  • Czech republic – IKP Engineering, VANAD,
  • Turkey – YESTI,
  • Russia – group of independent specialists.

We are in negotiation for opening representative offices and dealerships for:

  • Production of waste water treatment system (Czech),
  • Procurement and delivery of different type of steel cutting equipment (Germany, Czech)
  • Production of bend steel profiles (Russia, Germany)