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Baku Clinic branch Neftchilar

Baku, Nizami district, Gara Garayev prospect, 66 AZ1000 *** 6 voted

About Baku Clinic branch Neftchilar

All of us are entitled for happy and healthy life. Consequently, we should take care of our health. It’s necessary to pass medical examination at least once a year. With this regard, The Baku Clinic, complying with the European standards offers all ambulatory services to you. This medical center having brought a novelty to the medicine of Azerbaijan and having served the citizens of the country since May 1999 is equipped with medical facilities made in progressive countries.High-qualified and professional specialists implement examination and treatment of all diseases. The Clinic gained people’s confidence offers wide range of medical services to inhabitants.

Laboratory services

The lab of the BMC complying with all sanitary norms has up-to-date facility for examination. The quality of the works implemented at this lab where appropriately trained specialists is fully guaranteed. All analyzers, reagents and medical facilities being used at the lab where special attention is paid to the hygienic requirements get ordered in developed countries and allowed for usage only upon approval by the Ministries of Health and Economic Development as well as the Agency of Standardization, Metrology and Patents. Clinical, biochemical, hormonal, immunological, infectious and other examinations are implemented at the lab by means of computerized analyzers.

Diagnostic services

The Diagnostic Center is equipped with medical facilities ordered from developed countries. All types of diagnostics necessary for human being are implemented here, along with colored dopplerography, ultrasound and X-ray examinations, computer tomography, ECG and ECHO cardiography, EEG, REG and other types of examination providing detailed information regarding human health. The results of the precises diagnoses made by the specialists of the Clinic by means of facilities complying with the European standards allow to implement efficient treatment. The Polyclinical Section of our Clinic renders therapeutic, cardiologic, neurologic, ophthalmologic, obstetric-gynecologic, stomatologic and other ambulatory and polyclinical services and has cabinets of physiotherapy and electrocardiogram.